COOPER is focused on the long term, and our ultimate goal is to control critical risks advocating a mature safety approach from the top down.


Our systems and processes have been developed through experience and knowledge gained over decades of construction work in varied operating environments.

Safety is our highest priority. Our highly refined systems and processes have developed through experience. We employ best practice techniques to ensure our safety standards are maintained and no
one suffers any harm on any of our projects.

Construction Company Sydney Accredited responsible Safety

We’re driven to meet expectations striving for the highest quality on every project we do. Whatever our client’s objectives, we tailor solutions that drive the best possible outcomes. We pride ourselves on Quality Assurance and defect management techniques for achieving excellent quality.

Construction Company Sydney Accredited responsible Quality

We use a range of industry best practice systems, tools, policies and processes to ensure the delivery of the highest quality construction solutions on time and within budget. We provide detailed planning, tracking, forecasting and reporting to facilitate proactive monitoring and control to ensure potential problems can be identified early and corrective action taken when necessary.

Construction Company Sydney Accredited responsible Delivery

We’re passionate about protecting the environment for the future. We’re committed to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We tailor comprehensive environmental management plans for each project to identify and provide risk minimisation and management solutions.

Quality management systems AS/NZS 1SO 9001
Occupational health and safety management systems AS/NZS 4801
Environmental management systems AS/NZS 14001
Cm3 Certification

Construction Company Sydney Accredited responsible Certifications